Holiday Send Off for Military Missions

Nov 26, 2012

A Lexington based organization that supports military personnel serving overseas is expanding its program.   For several years, Military Missions has shipped care-packages to soldiers.  This holiday season, the organization has launched an ‘Adopt-A-Hero’ program.  Military Missions Volunteer Larry Neuzel says donors can send items to specific service men and women.   “We have some in Kuwait.  I saw one the other day from Korea, so anybody that’s overseas that have gone to our website and we have a place on there where you can add a hero.  We do this all year long, not just at Christmas time.

  This is an ongoing situation, cause the guys are over there, not just at Christmas time.  They’re over there for a long time,” said Neuzel.

Neuzel says packages could go out to some three thousand soldiers this holiday period.  He says deployment information is important to know ahead of time.

“We also have to know where their address is and when they’re coming back because we try to stop within a month and a half or two months when they’re coming home, because they get moved around so much and we’ve found that the items do not go to anybody.  If it’s not to that particular person, they come back to us and we’ve spent all that money for nothing,” added Neuzel.

The holiday season is not the only time care packages are sent out.  Larry Neuzel says the level of donations dictate the number of packages sent throughout the year.

“It depends on how many items we have donated and how much money we get it as to how often we send.   So usually, it started off like every other month, but now it’s like once a quarter.  But, again out big push because everybody’s thinking of the guys over there now,” explained Neuzel.

The deadline for ‘Adopt-A-Hero’ packages is tomorrow.  Boxes should be brought to the office in the Millpond Shopping Center in Lexington off Man-o-War Boulevard.