Holiday Hiring Expected to Hit in Clark County

Oct 28, 2013


This time of year means additional job opportunities in Kentucky tied to the upcoming holiday season.  It’s certainly the case in the bluegrass where three major employers are looking to hire.  Winchester Clark County Chamber of Commerce President Cindy Banks says Amazon, General Dynamics, and Pearl Interactive are looking for workers.

“Oh, yes sir because Pearl Interactive, General Dynamics, they’re hiring.  There are approximately 15 hundred jobs that we have filled recently and there’s probably that many more than could be filled here in the near future,” said Banks.

Banks says the local workforce is being prepared to fill jobs through the Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

“Plus, we have a brand new campus here, B-C-T-C, that has helped to spark an interest in furthering their education.  The furthering of their education, hopefully they are wanting to better themselves. It all kind of has a snowball effect,” said Banks.

Banks says city and county officials work well together in championing economic development in the Clark county area.