Historians Deploy `Pocket Museums' as Permanent Location's Repaired

Jul 1, 2013

Logo for the Lexington History Museum's Pocket Museums.
Credit Lexington Herald Leader

While the Lexington History Museum’s permanent location is closed for repairs, some of its related information remains on display.  Curators have set up smaller exhibitions around town.

Concerns over lead paint and asbestos forced the closure of Fayette County’s old courthouse.  It forced Lexington’s relatively new history museum to move out.  However, with no new permanent home available, curators have set up small, glass-enclosed displays around town.  This week marks the official opening of six so called ‘pocket museums.’  Museum Board member Foster Ockerman says no valuable artifacts will be displayed in these pocket museums.

“But, they’ll be photographs, they’ll be descriptions.  For example, in one of the buildings downtown will have photographs of an old engraving of Lexington Station, the original fortified collection of cabins where Lexington started,” said Ockerman.

The first ‘pocket museums will be at places like Lexington’s city hall, the central Library, and Victoria Square.  Ockerman says the museum is also launching a brand new web site called Lex-history-dot-org.

“People don’t physically travel to places like they did 20 years ago.  Museums will exist as much on line as a hard reality exhibit and we’re looking to really develop our on line presence as much as anything.”  

Once refurbished, Ockerman says the History Museum would like to reopen at the Old Fayette County Courthouse.  Even then, he says the pocket museums should stay in place.  In fact, by the end of the year supporters hope to double the number of displays to 12.