High Tech Tags Track Lexington's Job Seekers

Jun 4, 2013

The same kind of plastic cards used to track purchases at grocery stores will soon be used to track Lexington’s job seekers.   Lexington Social Services Commissioner Beth Mills says the new cards will be issued to individuals who go to the Kentucky Jobs Center for help. Mills says they’ll then swipe the card whenever they return to the center.

“We’re gonna put a data kiosk in the Kentucky Jobs Center so, it’s like a key tag, like you have at the grocery, and people will swipe it, and they’ll let us know why they’re there, and they’ll pre-register so we’ll know who they are,” said Mills.

By gathering information on clients and tracking their activities at the job center, Mills hopes to improve the services provided. 

‘It’s not that we’ll be invading anybody’s personal data, but it will give us a way to track who’s coming to the jobs center. What kind of services are they getting,  what’s their age category,  those sorts of things.  We need that kind of data to plan where to concentrate our efforts,” added Mills.

Council member Shevawn Akers believes such data might also benefit potential employers.

“That then we can look at what are the needs in the community from the employer side and then we look at who is unemployed and underemployed and where those skills meet in the middle and then hopefully to solve some of the needs on both ends for economic development as well as for citizens who are out of work and looking for work,” said Akers.

The new swipe tags should go online this summer.