Here's Roy Haynes On David Letterman

Jun 9, 2011

The Late Show is having "Drum Solo Week." So CBS had 85-year-old jazz legend Roy Haynes come on.

He's with the Fountain of Youth band, his regular working ensemble. That's Jaleel Shaw on soprano sax, Martin Bejerano on piano and David Wong on bass.

Compared to some of the others that have been on this week, he seems less chops-heavy, less obviously virtuosic. Everybody else so far has shown up with massively tricked-out drum kits and flashy, maximalist playing — even "Anthony Weiner" — and Neil Peart of Rush, I would imagine, will be the same way tonight. I wonder how many people heard Haynes' deceptively simple-looking, super loose swing implication over a McCoy-Tyner-ish vamp and thought, "I don't get it." Ah well.

Letterman introduces Roy as having a "six-decade career." After the jump, here is something from decade three, in 1973.

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