Hemp Resolution Drafted at Lexington City Hall

Jan 23, 2013

Given the problems facing Kentucky agriculture, some city leaders in Lexington say it’s time to legalize hemp. The Lexington council will soon consider a resolution drafted in support of hemp legalization.  It calls on state lawmakers to act this session to allow hemp’s cultivation.  Council member Julian Beard believes it’s a good idea.  “For the farmers and the plight of the farmers, anything is an economic boost for them.  You know it will take some time.  It will never get up to the size tobacco was,” said Beard.

If it’s not good for farmers, then Beard says they won’t grow it.  Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says industrial hemp was once a big part of the Fayette County economy. 

“We’re kind of on a fast track with this because the legislature has a short session and we want it to get there in a timely fashion.  We also want input from some of the stakeholders, farm bureau, the police, some of those kinds of folks who might have an opinion about it,” said Gorton.

From the air, some state troopers worry they won’t be able to distinguish hemp farms from marijuana fields.  The resolution is scheduled for consideration next week.