Heat Up-Power Up

Jun 27, 2012

Preparation for temperatures approaching 100 began weeks ago for crews at Kentucky Utilities.  The high use of air conditioning coupled with the usual daily consumption of electricity could drive the demand near a peak level.  Kentucky Utilities’ Cliff Feltham says company officials knew this time might come.  “We’ve really been working on our system for a couple of weeks…a month…back..making sure everything is ok and all of our generation equipment is running as it ought to be running…even the ones that will turn on..as the peaking units when the temperature gets to the mid to upper 90’s,” said Feltham.

Feltham says a demand related ‘brownout’ is not likely.  He says electrical grids among many states facing the same high heat are interconnected.

“What they’re experiencing in Tennessee, we’re also experiencing in Kentucky…and the lines connect so we just hope that everybody’s system stays up and they’ve been as vigilant with their system as we’ve been with ours…so that we provide this electricity like we’re supposed to,” added Feltham.

The all time Kentucky Utilities electricity peak came on January 16th, 2009 when the low temperature hit minus three.  When K-U is linked with it’s corporate brother, L-G and E, the all time peak is listed as August fourth, 2010 when the temperature hit 99 degrees.