Heat Good for Farms, Not Cattle

Jun 1, 2011

It’s the beginning of June but the thermometer seems to be reading like a day in mid July.  High heat and humidity this early in the summer can make it uncomfortable.  But, Bourbon County Extension Agent, Glenn Mackie says many farmers welcome this weather.  “The heat is good for our crop people because we’ve been cool and wet.  It’s dried the soil out where we can get in and finish our planting.  We’ve finished up corn pretty much.  Planting soybeans and making hay.  This is good weather to make hay in,” said Mackie.

On the flip side, Mackie says the 90 degree weather can create trouble for livestock. In reaction to the cool, wet spring, he says some cattle may still have thicker coats.  That could make overheating a problem.

“We’ve been cool and wet and some cattle may have some winter hair on them.  That will make it a little more difficult for them.  It’s gonna be critical to have plenty of shade.  Clean water, they need clean water,” added Mackie.

Mackie says his home county of Bourbon is among the top ten beef producing counties in the state.