Heat and the Homeless

Jul 22, 2011

The heat wave poses a considerable risk to central Kentuckians who can find no shelter.   Kenneth Newton at Lexington’s Hope Homeless Center is seeing as many men today as he sees in the dead of winter. “Well, right now we are dealing with our winter time numbers.  If there was a major blizzard outside, that’s the type of numbers we are dealing with tonight,” said Newton.

Newton says more than 200 homeless men will probably bunk down tonight (Friday) at the Hope Center.  He says two Lexington churches will help shelter the overflow

The guys are really doing good.   They take everything in stride.  When you are homeless, you kind of deal with the bad things a little easier,” added Newton.

There are no easy ways to beat the heat when you’re out in the midst of it.  But Newton says staff members are doing their best to help the men at the shelter.

“The clinic was giving away free freeze pops yesterday and frozen towels for the guys who are out in the heat.  If they are working outside or something, they get a frozen towel and by the time they get outside, it starts to melt and it’s something they can wipe off their forehead or whatever with,” explained Newton.

Newton says the Hope Center needs donations of cash and personal hygiene items.