Health Care Savings at Lexington City Hall

Aug 29, 2012

A new wellness and healthcare clinic for Lexington’s city workers is saving substantial money.  The Samuel Brown Center, which is just off Leestown Road, opened last January.  The clinic is managed by Marathon Health.  In the first half of 20-12, company Vice President David Demers says there’s been more than one million dollars in savings.

“The lion’s share of that is savings from health improvement.  People who have gotten their blood pressure under control, lost weight, reduced their cholesterol, address pre diabetes or diabetes conditions made very significant improvements in their health over that period of time,” said Demers.

In the first six months, about 20 percent of the city’s workforce used the healthcare clinic.  Councilmember Jay McChord says it’s important to use incentives to boost participation as quickly as possible.

“Without some very aggressive change in that thinking, from out consultants, from out people, and from the administration in pushing this all the way down into every crack and crevice of this government, that you’re gonna see the exact same thing play out that plays out in every employer,” said McChord.

In the private sector, McChord says too often employees are slow to leave their personal doctor for this type of medical care.  He says increased use of the clinic means additional savings for taxpayers.