Health Care Reforms Under Review on KET

Sep 18, 2012

Unrest in countries around the world makes national as well as international headlines.   A central Kentucky lawmaker believes those events have taken some of the focus away from pressing domestic issues.  Jessamine County Senator Tom Buford says it seems to be the case with the federal health care law.  “Well to me it appears that much of the emphasis on the health care act has taken a back seat to the events overseas in Libya and Syria, other countries where we’re having difficulties now.  Probably that could be to the president’s advantage to thrown off the opposition that still is out there for the health care act,” said Buford.

Buford appeared on K-E-T Monday for a health care discussion.  Louisville internist Barbara Casper says the health care act can help control costs through better preventive care. 

Better preventive care can be one way to help hold down overall medical costs.  Louisville internist Barbara Casper believes the Affordable Care Act is working to that end.  Casper appeared on K-E-T Monday to discuss the federal law.  She says it also helps to determine appropriate care.

“Are we doing the right things for our patients.  Stop doing things that are not effective.  By utilizing the electronic medical records and other venues we can actually study this as a quality outcome and decide what is good care for patients and not do things just because we can,” said Casper.

Winchester pediatrician, Ralph Alvarado says some veteran doctors are opting for early retirement instead of dealing with new regulations they consider burdensome.