Head Injury Risks

May 29, 2012

With the end of school comes the opportunity for more outdoor play for many Kentucky children and youth.  So, the possibility of incurring a head injury is very real during these times of increased activity.  Robert McCool with the University of Kentucky’s Injury Prevention Center says there’s been increased interest in reducing traumatic brain injuries.  “There’s also a lot of athletic play in the summer both in organized sports for children and youth and in un-organized pick up football games and so forth..and head injuries is a topic that’s getting a lot of attention and it should,”  said McCool.

One complicating factor in identifying these injuries is that sometimes a significant brain injury surfaces over time.

“For example, a child’s gets a mild concussion..it’s not recognized…they go back to active sports or even active play…and get another head injury before they’ve fully recovered from the first…the affects can be sort of additive,” added McCool.

High school and Little League baseball continues in many areas of Kentucky.  Plus, the start of preseason football and soccer is just over a month away.