Have You Strummed Google's Les Paul Tribute Yet Today?

Jun 9, 2011

We bet there's been a fair amount of time spent today fooling around with Google's tribute to the dearly departed Les Paul on what would have been the electronic guitar pioneer's 96th birthday.

The Atlantic calls it the "coolest Doodle ever."

PCWorld offers a helpful tip: "You can try picking out a tune but a better method is to activate the keyboard controls by pressing the button beneath the strings. Then tap keys from left to right to play a scale (each row of keys is tuned the same), or pick out a melody."

Or another way to explain that: When you click on the "record" button box, you can then use the letters on your keyboard to pick out notes. Start on one of the keys to the left (z, a or q) and as you move to the right the notes will rise.

And, as you do that, you can record up to 30 seconds of the sound and it will automatically be saved for you.

Alright, shredders, get to it.

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