Harrassment Allegations Brings Audit of LRC

Dec 12, 2013

Credit corrections.ky

Kentucky legislative leaders are moving forward with an audit of the state’s largest bureaucracy.  Kentucky House and Senate leaders hired the National Conference of State Legislatures to conduct an audit of the Legislative Research Commission, which has come under fire over its handling of employee harassment complaints. Taxpayers will be on the hook for more than $42,000 for the review.

 The NCSL is charging $30,000 more than its competitor, the Lexington-based Hanna Resource Group. But Senate President Robert Stivers says the NCSL will be more thorough.

“Because this is such a huge portion of government, we set the policy, the cost, really, you know, shouldn’t be that big of a factor. You know, if you want to get the job done, the right way the first time. Let’s measure twice and cut once.”

The audit will encompass hiring a new director for the embattled agency, conducting interviews with its roughly 400 employees, and determining if the agency needs to be restructured.  Five House Democrats voted against the proposal. House Speaker Greg Stumbo says the Hanna Resource Group could have done the same job for much less taxpayer money.