Growing Central Kentucky's Urban Trails One-Mile At A Time

Sep 30, 2013

The system of recreational trails in central Kentucky is growing by another mile.  Lexington officials today celebrated the extension of the Brighton East Rail Trail.  The 12-foot wide trail, with serves pedestrians and cyclists, now runs from Bryant Road to Walnut Grove Lane.  Project Manager Keith Lovan says the region’s trail system is increasingly interconnected.

Lexington officials Monday opened the first extension of the Brighton East Trail, Fayette County's first rail trail. The one-mile extension takes the trail along an old railroad bed into the country as far as Walnut Grove Road.
Credit Tom Eblen / Lexington Herald Leader

“There’s gonna be other biking facilities.  We’ve got a trail on the other side of Man o War that’s in the Liberty park so there are trails being built in this area, what I call the Hamburg area.  In the next few years, we hope to connect all those trails,” said Lovan.

The Brighton East trail runs along an abandoned rail line.  Lovan says it could extend into downtown Lexington and could someday include a bridge over Man o War Boulevard.  Lovan says many cyclists typically love a long ride.

“The cyclists that travel for trails usually like to have 20 to 30 miles.  This abandonment, like I said, goes all the way to Winchester.  That would be a 15 mile trail through central Kentucky, so it would have definitely attraction if not national attention,” added Lovan.

Soon, Lovan hopes the Brighton East Trail can also be extended into downtown Lexington.  He envisions it also connected with a proposed elementary school someday.