Group Ranks Lexington's Cleanlines

Mar 23, 2012

This Saturday representatives from Keep Lexington Beautiful will be keeping an eye out for litter, illegal signs, and graffiti as they tour the city. It’s part of their annual Community Appearance Index process. Once a year, Keep Lexington Beautiful members get in cars with city employees, Bluegrass PRIDE staff, and community volunteers to rank the city’s cleanliness. Patricia Knight, KLB chair, says there’s a system.

"We rank litter between one and four and for the most part most areas of the city are ranked in the one to two category, which means it's a very light cleanup effort. Some areas are a four and those are the areas where we would target cleanup," she says. 

Knight says the results are then incorporated into an ongoing record and used to develop strategies and programs to reduce litter. The results will be posted to their website