Grounding Fireworks

Aug 21, 2012

Fire crackers and flying fireworks would be banned in Lexington under a proposal discussed today at city hall.  Members of the Public Safety Committee voted unanimously to restore the city’s fireworks ordinance of 20-10.  A year later, the state legislature approved the expansion of fireworks, but allowed cities to adopt tighter restrictions.  Council member Tom Blues says a flood of citizens complaints have come this summer.  “It only takes one person to disturb and disrupt and annoy to the point of distraction almost an entire neighborhood,” said Blues.

Several council members expressed worries about enforcement.  Police lieutenant Clayton Roberts says officers must observe the illegal use of fireworks before they can issue a citation...

“They talked about doing some more public education which we have in the past and see if we can’t get more  voluntary compliance for folks on the front end so they understand what the penalties are.  And for those who don’t comply, we’ll have the penalties on the back end,” added Roberts.

The Lexington proposal significantly increases fines on violations.  If approved by the full council, it would effective immediately…perhaps within a couple weeks.  Council members also discussed establishing a special police unit to focus on fireworks enforcement.