Gray and Beatty to Compete in Mayoral Race

May 21, 2014

The two-person field is set for Lexington's mayoral race.  Incumbent Jim Gray and former police chief Anthany Beatty will compete for the top job in Lexington government. 

Mayor Gray told supporters Tuesday night it's all about "getting it done."  He says nine thousand jobs have been added during his first term and deficits have turned into surpluses. 

Gray garnered 57 percent of the vote, almost 20 percentage points more than Beatty.  "It's reassuring to have the support, the confidence that this vote represents, but we've got another four five six months ahead of us and a run-off, so we've got to stick at it, stay at it, and that's what we'll do," said Gray.

After 35 years in law enforcement, Beatty says serving as mayor would offer another platform to, in his words, "take Lexington to places that we've not been before."  The former police chief says long-standing concerns about the condition of some government buildings need attention.  "We have government facilities that are very, very lacking in what they offer, they're not contemporary.  Some of the buildings and facilities that we have are actually more expensive to maintain than it would be to replace," said Beatty.

Bluegrass Community and Technical College educator Danny Mayer finished in third place in the mayoral race with just five percent of the vote.