Graffiti Clean Up

Dec 1, 2011

It’s difficult to wipe-away graffiti in public and sometime private locations for good.  But, the city of Lexington does have a strategy for graffiti abatement.  Workers in Lexington parks and recreation and sheriff’s departments are charged with graffiti cleanup.  Parks and Recreation maintenance supervisor Tim Clark says the sooner they erase graffiti, the better.

“We think that graffiti artists like to see their work displayed…so when you remove that…they don’t get to see their work..and so they move on to other locations or quick doing that,” said Clark.

Lexington council member Peggy Henson calls such paintings more than just an eyesore.

“I think graffiti is a public safety, especially gang graffiti.. when they’re tagging over each other and challenging each other and so know it can lead to violence,” added Henson.

Jennifer Miller, who’s with the sheriff’s department, says there are several removal strategies.…

It depends on the depends on the type of paint that was used to create the graffiti…so there’s lots that goes into it and we may use ten different methods on the same day to clean up ten different types of graffiti,” added Miller

Miller says photographs are taken of all graffiti, and they’re turned over to the police for their investigation.  Since 2005, the sheriff’s department has removed more than 100 thousand pieces of graffiti.