GPS aids Lexington Garbage Collection

May 15, 2013

Using G-P-S technology, Lexington’s garbage collectors hope to improve their efficiency.  Speaking to Lexington’s council, Technical Project Manager Brittney West says the high tech should accelerate waste collection and hopefully lead to move recycling.  “We’ve put in a group of containers and we’re gonna see where the drivers are picking up and where they’re not picking up and if they’re not picking up in an area, we can focus on that and see if we can promote recycling,” explained West.

G-P-S technology should change the way garbage is collected in Lexington.  West says such high tech gives them more flexibility…especially when a driver calls in sick.

“If he’s off and another driver has to fill in, it used to be very difficult for a driver to take off, because no one knew his route.  So now we have the ability where anyone can hop in that seat and listen to the directions on the navigation and go where they need to go,” said West.

Thanks in part to G-P-S tracking technology and recycling, Lexington has reduced its garbage truck fleet by seven vehicles.  And, Waste Division Director Steve Feese says they hope to eliminate a few more within the next year.  Eventually, Feese hopes to collect more recyclables and less garbage.  Lexington once featured twice a week collection.  Feese doesn’t envision going back to that schedule.

“We want to have more and more material being put into the Rosie and into the Lenny and less and less material being put into the Herbie.  As we move toward that direction and think there will be less and less of a need for increased Herbie collection, frequency,” said Feese.

Rosie containers are used to collect recyclables and Lenny containers are for yard waste.