Governor: Not Invited, Couldn't Go

Jul 28, 2011

When President Obama visited Fort Campbell just before Derby Day, Kentucky’s Governor confirms he did not receive a formal invitation to participate.  Nor, could Governor Steve Beshear rework his schedule to join in a ceremony for the Navy Seals who killed Osama Bin Laden.  At the time, Beshear did not talk about not receiving an invitation. The governor said today (Thursday) it was not an attempt to mislead the public for political gain

.“Our work to try and get there and the fact that we couldn’t get there had nothing to do with politics as far as I’m concerned.  The president didn’t snub me.  I didn’t snub the president.  It simply was a quick visit that the president planned,” said Beshear.

Beshear reiterated during Thursday’s news conference at the capital, he and his staff scrambled to rework his schedule, but it couldn’t be changed.  The governor says he’s not aware of any invitations going out for the Fort Campbell event.  Plus, he says security was also an issue.

“I think that was probably one of the reasons why there weren’t a lot of invitations or invitation sent because I think there was some security surrounding those guys as well.  But, No it was simply a matter of  it happened quickly.  We tried to juggle things around to be there if we could and we just couldn’t work it out,” added Beshear.

On his website, Republican candidate for governor David Williams accuses the governor of lying.  The senate president is quoted as saying the governor has been ‘caught lying in a cynical effort to gain favor with Kentucky voters of don’t approve of Barack Obama.’