Governor Confident House Will Keep Democratic Majority

May 22, 2014


There were myriad political races across the Commonwealth Tuesday including many legislative contests.  House Republican leaders remain hopeful to pick up enough seats in November to move the majority into GOP hands.

But, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says he is confident that won't happen. "We have some great candidates that are not gonna get ready for the fall.  I feel good about the probability that we'll be able to maintain control of the House and perhaps even add a couple of seats to that majority, so I'm looking forward to November," said Beshear.

It appears Kentucky lawmakers will not return to the state capital before January.  State legislators barely made it home in April when there was talk of a possible special session on heroin-related legislation.  The question of state funding for Rupp Arena was also mentioned as a special session topic.  

Governor Beshear said today he doesn't anticipate calling general assembly members back over the next six months.  "I think that most legislators have concluded that they really are ready to wait until January in order to address any unfinished business," said Beshear. "There's always unfinished business when you come out of a session and I just don't find any sentiment for a special session from a vast majority of the house or senate members."

Legislative races this fall across Kentucky also lessens the chance of a special session, particularly prior to Election Day.​  Many lawmakers are busy with the fall campaign and hesitant to take up tough political votes.