Golf Subsidy Cap Still Debated in Lexington

Apr 25, 2012

Lexington’s contribution to its public golf courses is under review at city hall.  There appears to be more interest in putting a ceiling on its financial assistance.  Council member Jay McChord has been front and center on the issue. McChord believes Lexington subsidizes its five public golf courses too heavily.  The courses collect greens fees, but, last year McChord says they also received one-point-two million dollars from the city. He proposes the council put a limit on those subsidies.

“We need to give direction because there is none right now,” said Mc Chord.

There’s fear a severe limit would force the closure of some city owned golf facilities. Council member Julian Beard, who supports a cap, adds the courses should be given time to adjust to any new funding formula and caps.

“Maybe a three year window or something of that sort.. that you would transition..because there may be…before you close a golf course..there may be other efficiencies that you could apply first,” added Beard.

Beard also believes a city owned course could  be leased out to a company, which would run it as a private venture.  The council voted ten to four Tuesday to back a limit on city funding, but it doesn’t set a specific amount.