A Glimpse of 'Living on the Margins'

Oct 25, 2012

Lexington’s Nathaniel United Methodist Mission is inviting citizens to take a ‘journey’ through downtown Saturday morning.  The event is designed to give participants a feel for those living ‘on the margins.’  It’s called ‘The Journey’ and it begins with an early breakfast at the De Roode Street Mission.  From there, people will be invited to travel the route of many area homeless.

  It will include stops near Rupp Arena, the Kentucky Theater, and Phoenix Park.  On a typical Sunday, a number of churches offer food and worship at these sites.  Nathaniel Mission serves over a hundred each Sunday.   Director David McFarland says all people are on a personal journey.

“We hope that people will come away recognizing the differences that exist in this society and they will come away committed to helping bridge those differences,” said McFarland.

Director David McFarland says about 130 people gather on Sundays at the DeRhodee Street mission for breakfast..

“And after the breakfast, the folks, it would be interesting to call them stations of the cross, but it’s not quite that.  But, they have stations on their day,” added McFarland.

McFarland says a number of churches offer food and worship at various sites throughout the day.   He realizes weather conditions may carry a certain meaning.

“I would prefer that it not rain on Saturday.  But, if it does rain, I’m sure it will cut attendance.  But, the folks that come here will understand what it is to walk in 50 degree temperature in the rain, just to eat,” said McFarland.

Pastor McFarland says the event is aimed at bringing new energy into fundraising efforts at the Mission.