Glenn Beck Bids Farewell To Fox; He's 'Running To Something,' Not Away

Jul 1, 2011

Conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck said Thursday during his final show on Fox News Channel that his critics will soon "pray for the time when I was only on the air for one hour a day."

And, The Associated Press writes, Beck "said he wanted to be more than a commentator and that he was not running away from anything. 'I'm running to something,' he said."

He's now preparing to launch a two-hour live show on GBTV.

Here's the "look back" video Beck put together about his time with Fox.

Beck joined Fox in January 2009. Our colleague David Folkenflik noted back in April, when Beck announced his departure from Fox, that "over the past year ... his ratings were declining and protests led to the withdrawal of hundreds of advertisers." And, as David added:

"At long last, we have an answer to the enduring question: Is it possible for someone to be too incendiary, even for the Fox News Channel?

"And the answer is yes."

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