Giant Colon Opens to Tourists

Mar 27, 2012

A large, inflatable replica of a human colon made a stop today in Lexington.   The colon, which is big enough to explore, was set up just outside the Fayette County Health Clinic.  Jessica Jackson, who’s with the health department, says they hope to excite the curiosity of passers-by.  “Well the benefit of something like this is to allow clients and patients and the public to come through and see the visual of actual colon cancer developing cause a lot of people can’t see inside their colons so once they walk through this inflatable colon they have a chance to see the actual diseases that grow inside the colon,” said Jackson.

The inflatable replica was brought to Lexington by health officials from Pike County.  Jackson believes the inflatable colon offers important lessons.

"Once they see how nasty it is and they see the polyps forming, they actually it might encourage them to go ahead and get screening,” added Jackson.

If not removed, even benign polyps can grow into a cancer.  Jackson says the best remedy is early detection.

“They recommend that men and women , ages 50 and older get screened every ten years. ..if you have a history in your family of color rectal cancer, you might have to follow up with your doctor and give you more frequent screenings,” said Jackson.

The inflatable colon also offers information about Crohn’s disease.   It’s an inflammatory bowel disease which increases the risk of colon cancer.