Gas at Four Dollars a Gallon For Now

Mar 29, 2012

At gasoline stations in Richmond and Louisville, a gallon of gasoline exceeds four-dollars.  And, for the rest of the Commonwealth, Gas-Buddy-dot-com says prices are trending upwards  Triple-A of the Bluegras says the statewide average for gas prices stands at three dollar 90 cents.  Spokesman Christopher Oakford says we saw similar price hikes last spring, when a civil war erupted in Libya….but then he says prices dropped last summer.

“If you keep in perspective that last year that we were in a similar pattern that they went up and up and up..then leveled out and actually dropped during the summer months..we might well be in a situation like that this year,” said Oakford.

Although increased travel is anticipated next weekend, when Kentucky marks Easter and Passover, it doesn’t necessarily mean higher prices at the pump.

“There is a plentiful supply of gas..I know people worry that we might be running out of it or there might be an interruption to the supply but at the moment there is a plentiful supply of just an increase in the people driving won’t have an effect on the price,” added Oakford.

The last time Kentucky’s average gas hit four dollars a gallon was last May.  Oakford says the highest per gallon price was four dollar ten cents, right before the 2008 recession began.