Garrard County Animal Shelter Coping With Hoarding Case

Dec 7, 2017


The Garrard County Animal Shelter is coping with an unusually large influx of dogs and cats. It’s the result of a hoarding case involving 23 animals.

Shelter Director Brittany Fain hopes to put some of the dogs and cats up for adoption this weekend.  But, she says, some of the dogs have severely matted fur and a couple have skin issues. Staff are also working to improve the abused animal’s socialization. Still, Fain hopes to say goodbye to all their animals over the next few weeks. “We’re hoping to have the shelter empty by Christmas,” said Fain.  We’ve tried to promise every animal we’ll try to find them a home before Christmas.”

Overall, Fain says 15 cats and eight dogs were seized.  This comes as the Lexington Humane Society is coping with a bacterial infection which has killed two dogs and led to a 14 day quarantine of animals at their adoption center.