Gamers Abound in Lexington

Feb 25, 2013

Lexington is becoming a city known for its gamers.  Actually, it might be more appropriate to say the bluegrass town is a home to a significant number of on line game creators.  Jenna Greathouse is with Commerce Lexington, the city’s primary business collaborator.  “We’ve got an awful lot of young people here that are developing on line software games, so we’re trying to help build that cluster of companies.  So, we want people outside of Kentucky to know that we have the ability to do it here in Lexington and it’s actually taken place now,” said Greathouse.

Greathouse says the influx of gamers fits with an economic development strategy..

“We hope to have a cluster of those types of companies.  We want Lexington to be an open place and recognized as a place for technology,” added Greathouse.

In addition to gaming related businesses, Greathouse says Lexington is also attracting a number of software application firms.