Galbraith's Take on the Primary Results

May 19, 2011




Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith says he couldn’t be any happier with Tuesday’s primary results.  Galbraith is mounting a petition drive to secure a spot in the fall race as an independent.

The five time candidate for governor believes his campaign will benefit from voters who backed tea party favorite Phil Moffett in Tuesday’s election.


“We feel like we’ll pick up a lot of the tea party support that was for Mr. Moffett.  We feel like a lot of republicans did not show up at the polls that Mr. Williams might have expected to show up at the polls.  So we feel that we’re gonna make great inroads,” said Galbraith.

David Williams won the primary with a ten percent margin over Moffett.  Still, Galbraith calls he and running mate Dea (DEE) Riley the most conservative candidates in the race.

 Galbraith also supports legalization of medical marijuana.  He says hemp would likely get more attention initially in a Galbraith administration..

“But hemp as a cash crop is gonna be much more attainable than medical marijuana is in the first couple of years of our administration.  But, we’re gonna plant hemp from stem to stern.  All the landowners in the state can have a cash crop if we return to hemp as a cash crop,” added Galbraith.

Galbraith believes societal acceptance of marijuana, as in the case of alcohol, will come over time.

“We don’t want it legal.  We want it licensed and regulated.  We don’t want it like alcohol and tobacco, licensed and regulated.  People are much more willing to accept that than they would a legalization scheme,” said Galbraith.

Galbraith and Riley need to gather five thousand signatures by the first week of August to qualify.  He says four thousand names have been gathered with a goal to reach ten to 12 thousand signatures.  He would join incumbent Steve Beshear and republican David Williams in the race for governor.