Gadhafi Regime May Be Using Rape As A Weapon, Prosecutor Says

Jun 9, 2011

The government of Moammar Gadhafi may have ordered the rape of hundreds of Libyan women as part of its campaign against opponents of the regime, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says.

And Luis Moreno-Ocampo "said [Wednesday that] he was also looking at possible evidence that pro-Gadhafi security forces had been given medication such as Viagra to enhance their sex drive," the BBC reports.

Sky News adds that Moreno-Ocampo "said witnesses had confirmed the Libyan government was buying containers of a Viagra-type drug to allow the policy to be carried out."

According to Sky: "Spokesman for the Libyan government, Moussa Ibrahim, said: 'It's the same old nonsense. We have always asked, time and again, for people to come on the ground and investigate all accusations against us.' "

The highest-profile claim about rape being used as a weapon has come from Iman al-Obeidi, a Libyan woman who told journalists in Tripoli that she had been kidnapped and raped multiple times by men loyal to Gadhafi.

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