G-O-P Reaction to Governor's Budget

Jan 18, 2012

Kentucky lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle admit crafting a state budget this session will certainly include spending cuts.  Governor Beshear is suggesting an eight point four percent cut for most departments.  House Speaker Greg Stumbo doesn’t anticipate a great deal of change when the document emerges from the legislature. Madison County G-O-P Senator Jared Carpenter agrees in an equal cut philosopy. “There’s gonna be some sacrifices that everybody is gonna have to make..and I glad to see the governor is basically making those cuts across the board..I think everybody is gonna have to share in that sacrifice,” said Carpenter.

Although not basing his budget on potential expanded gambling revenues, the governor has made it clear he would like to have that additional money.  Richmond Senator Jared Carpenter isn’t sure how a constitutional amendment to put the issue before voters will fare.

“I’m not sure how that process is gonna take place and with a constitutional amendment…we’re not sure what the language is gonna be..so we’ll just have to see how it shakes out and there’s gonna be plenty of days to do that,” added Carpenter.

It will likely be several weeks before the Senate gets a House approved budget.