Further Restrictions on Meth Makers Considered

Kentucky lawmakers will again take up the issue of meth production and pseudoephedrine. The legislature has considered making cold and allergy medication that contains pseudoephedrine prescription-only, but that proposal failed. "We had U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers come and testify about why it should be made prescriptive. [He] certainly made a good argument. However I was not persuaded at that point that that was the solution," says Rep. Brent Yonts (D-Greenville). 

Yonts has pre-filed legislation for the 2012 session of the General Assembly that would create a statewide meth offender block list. Yonts says only people convicted of meth crimes would need to get a doctor's prescription to buy cold medication. 

"It punishes those who abuse the law and not the about 98 percent of the people who do not abuse the law regarding meth." 

Yonts' bill would also reduce the maximum amount of pseudoephedrine that can be bought per person from 9 grams a month to 7.5 grams. Operation UNITE, an anti-drug and education group, has said it still support a prescription-only measure.