Funding the Preservation of Architecture

Feb 13, 2012

A group dedicated to safeguarding Kentucky's architectural treasures is attempting to roll out a specialty license plate. The non-profit, Preservation Kentucky, needs 900 applications by December 2013. From the proceeds, the group hopes to create a special grant fund. Cities and non-profits could then use the money to fund preservation efforts or add buildings to the National Register.

Executive Director Rachel Kennedy says another goal of the plate is to raise awareness for historic sites across the Bluegrass. 

"One thing that has always surprised me is that most Kentuckians don't know about all the great sites we have here in the state; as well as the fact that we actually have the fourth highest number of listings in the National Register of Historic Places."

The plate costs $27 if ordered online or $25 if paid for by check. Preservation Kentucky needs 900 applications by December 2013.

The plate has been designed by noted preservationist Hayward Wilkirson, known for his initial opposition to the downtown Centrepointe project.