Full Lake Cumberland Ready for Spring Boaters

May 2, 2014

Credit parks.ky.gov

The president of Lake Cumberland State Dock says all signs point to a tremendous season for tourism. Bill Jasper got good news this week when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced the water level at Lake Cumberland was at its full summer level for the first time in eight years. The water level was dropped in 2007 when repair work began on nearby Wolf Creek Dam.  

Jasper says while high gas prices remain a potential factor for the tourism season, it hasn’t hurt Lake Cumberland much in recent years. He says people still bring their boats to the lake. They just don’t use them as much.  “What you do see is that they’ll sit a lot more. They’ll go hang out in a cove and swim, instead of just running up and down the lake burning gas. We’re seeing now a great start and a lot of enthusiasm about the year,” said Jasper.

Jasper says while much of Lake Cumberland’s tourism business comes from Kentuckians, the lake also gets high numbers of visitors who drive in from Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.