Friends and Colleagues Remember Galbraith

Friends and colleagues are remembering the personality and candor of Gatewood Galbraith, the Lexington attorney and perennial political candidate who died overnight after suffering from chronic emphysema. He was 64. Galbraith ran unsuccessfully for governor of Kentucky five times, in addition to campaigns for agriculture commissioner, attorney general, and Congress.

Dea Riley was his running mate in the 2011 gubernatorial election. “He touched at the hearts of everyone. And that’s really why he would have been a wonderful governor for Kentucky because at the very core of who he was, he was a good man. Gatewood, you couldn’t buy him. He could not be bought.”

Galbraith spoke passionately about many issues outside the realm of mainstream politics, including hemp and marijuana. Lobbyist and friend Terry McBrayer describes Galbraith as larger than life.

“His timing was always off politically, but I don’t think he ever really wanted to get elected, I think he wanted to state his case. He had these strong beliefs. I’ve seen him standing out there at Keeneland holding that big sign ‘Gatewood Gablraith for Governor’ or for Congress many many times and he was just committed to the cause.”

McBrayer says Galbraith’s humor and sincerity always made him a relevant part of the Kentucky political discussion, even if he didn’t win an election.