Freshman from Kentucky gets Head Start

Nov 13, 2012

Freshmen orientation kicked off on Capitol Hill Tuesday, with northern Kentucky’s Thomas Massie among those congress members taking the oath of office. These next few weeks are a time for freshmen lawmakers to learn the ropes on Capitol Hill. Besides interviewing potential staff members, they’ll be learning congressional decorum, battling for choice office space and some will even be casting key votes. This evening, House Speaker John Boehner swore in three members who won special elections, including Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie.

Massie took over the seat vacated by Geoff Davis who resigned at the end of July because of a health issue in his family. So unlike other freshmen Massie is now learning his way around the Capitol and casting votes.

“This is like drinking from a fire hose: ready, set, go!” said Massie.

That means Massie will be helping his party decide what to do when it comes to avoiding the fiscal cliff – a mix of massive spending cuts and tax hikes scheduled to hit the economy in January. Massie says his party should hold strong and avoid tax increases.

“These tax increases would ensnare a lot of small companies and so I know it’s getting demagogued as tax cuts for the rich, but it’s actually - these are the tax rates that the job creators of the small businesses here in America pay,” said Massie. 

Massie’s new colleagues will get to start voting in the New Year.