'Free Flu Friday' Underway

Oct 14, 2011

The Fayette County Health Department's "Free Flu Friday" is in full swing at the department's Public Health North Campus. The staff has seen a steady run of visitors since 9:30 this morning.  Visitors lining up for their free flu shots sign in and then walk through a roped off areas before they reach the tables where the shots are administered, some by University of Kentucky nursing students.

The atmosphere in the warehouse is noisy but efficient with families being ushered through in a matter of minutes. Greg Hiles with the Fayette County Health Department said demand was earlier in the morning and has since tapered off.

"We had about 50 people lined up this morning when we all came in at about 8:00, so we started giving the flu shots a little early today, about 9:30. We've already given about 175 to 200 shots," he said.

Hiles says the crowd will probably pick up again later in the day. Despite the limited parking, the operation hasn't seen any major delays. Free Flu Friday lasts until 6 PM.