Four Lanes to Garrard County

Dec 17, 2012

A divided four lane road from the Kentucky River to Kentucky Highway 34 is officially open to travel.  The Governor today (Monday) joined local leaders in Lancaster to the “cut the ribbon” on an expanded stretch of US 27.  Lonnie Napier is Garrard County’s state representative.  “People that’s wanted to move from Lexington down into Garrad County, they can get back and forth much quicker and yeah it’s just a great asset to us, we’ve needed this for a long time,” said Napier.

Napier says a fair number of trucks travel U-S Highway 27.   The state lawmaker says a contract should be let this spring for a similar project along Highway 52 between Garrard County and Richmond.

“Course they’re buying the right of way out there now, and hopefully the contract will be let in the spring, for the next phase which will go from, what we call, Cartersville Road, 954, almost to Happy Landing in Madison County and of course there’s money in there for the next phase to Duncannon,” added Napier.

Napier, who represents the region, says both road projects will benefit the economies in Garrard and Madison counties.