Four Designers vie for Rupp Arena Rebuild

Jun 4, 2013

Credit Charles Bertram / Lexington Herald-Leader

Four architectural firms will offer up suggestions on refurbishing Lexington’s Rupp Arena.  The companies vying for the Rupp Arena job come from Lexington, Kansas City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Sweden.  In a statement, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray said ‘these are the firms with the imagination to reinvent Rupp Arena and ignite the surrounding blocks with a new level of excitement and activity.

Five bids were also submitted to design a convention center.  Another five want the job of managing construction at Rupp and the Convention Center.  A selection committee is expected to make recommendations by the end of the month.  The Lexington Center Board then hopes to identify the winning firms this summer.  Also in June, recommendations for financing the 300-million dollar project could be revealed.