Former University of Kentucky Athlete Named to Head EKU Athletics

Mar 28, 2015


Eastern Kentucky University's new athletics director says raising money for all sports at the Richmond school is a priority.  EKU has named Steve Lochmueller to head Colonel athletics.

Lochmueller is familiar with collegiate athletics in the central Kentucky region.  He played football and basketball at UK more than 40 years ago.  Lochmueller says finding support for Eastern athletics goes beyond traditional financial backers.  "We also got to look, not just to alumni.  We've got to look at corporate sponsorships and other opportunities that may exist inside of the organization through sponsorships by apparel, multi media rights," said Lochmueller.

Lochmueller's spent much of his career in telecommunications.  He doesn't view his lack of A-D experience as a challenge.  The Indiana native says teaching players on the field or court is the job of coaches.  Lochmueller says one of his primary roles is to raise the profile of and resources for athletics and the university as a whole.

Lochmueller is one of the last players to participate in both basketball and football at the University of Kentucky.  But Lochmueller says UK's prominence in athletics shouldn't impact EKU's objectives.  "We can't control what the University of Kentucky does and as a person who played sports there, and as a person who is an alumnus, and supports the University of Kentucky, I wish them nothing but the best.  But, what I'll be doing in my position as athletics director at Eastern Kentucky University, is doing everything I can to raise the profile and the resources that we need at Eastern Kentucky University," added Lochmueller.

Lochmuller says his plan involves a grassroots effort to raise funds to support all athletic programs at EKU.  He takes over for Mark Sandy who now holds a similar position at Ball State University.​