Former GOP Congressman Endorses Beshear

Aug 18, 2011

Democratic Governor Steve Beshear has picked up another endorsement from a noted Republican politician. Former Sixth District Congressman Larry Hopkins says he has nothing against GOP Challenger, David Williams, but he believes Beshear is doing a good job and should be re-elected.

"He's a solid guy. He's got a great record. He reaches across the aisle. He talks with Republicans, the Democrats, and you know, if there's anything that people are tired of today, its partisan politics."

In 1991, Hopkins himself ran for governor and his campaign manager was David Williams. The former congressman says he hasn't spoken recently with the state senate president and says that Governor Beshear has not promised him a post-election position, should the governor prevail in November. The Beshear campaign has released a list of hundreds of registered Republicans who have pledged to support the Beshear-Abramson ticket.