FoodChain Kitchen Project Moves Forward

Aug 2, 2016



FoodChain, a Lexington based nonprofit, has announced plans to build a Processing Kitchen in Downtown Lexington. The kitchen is meant to both educate and possibly provide employment.

Located with the rest of FoodChain’s facilities in Downtown Lexington, the kitchen will both teach food preparation skills and offer employment in the production of lightly processed food. Executive Director of FoodChain Rebecca Self says these two goals complement each other nicely.  “As we train people, there’s more of an incentive for them because we have jobs offered in the back and as there are more jobs offered there, there’s more processing happening, there’s more of a realistic opportunity and goal for people to go and get educated in the front portion of the teaching kitchen,” said Self.

Self hopes to have the Kitchen up and running by the beginning of the next spring’s harvest.