Food Truck Talk in the Midst of Winter

Feb 5, 2014


This time of year might be considered the off season for food truck vendors, but it still prompted some discussion at Lexington City Hall Tuesday.

 A food truck pilot project designates certain zones where food preparation services on wheels are permitted.  Economic Development Committee as a Whole Chair Julian Beard says most food truck activity thus far has occurred on private property.  The council heard from Andrew Sowthers who is preparing to go into the food truck business.  “More of the new truck owners that are building now are doing this as full time jobs, myself included.  You know, we’ve left our other careers to do this full time, so we really want to again some of the other trucks doing it part time as a second job,” said Sowthers.  There was some discussion about extending the pilot project, but no action was taken.  Council member George Meyers says he’s gotten some questions about the pilot from individuals in other professions.  “People have said to me, ‘I have a framing business or I have an insurance business or I have this kind of business, what if I buy an RV, come down, pay 25 bucks, I set up and start selling insurance or start selling custom framing or start selling whatever it is, downtown or wherever I want to on public property,” said Meyers.  The matter will be back before the economic development panel later this month.