Food Truck Issues Still Debated

Feb 8, 2013

Work continues to try and determine where Lexington mobile food vendors can set up shop downtown.  Members of the Food Truck Work Group reviewed draft recommendations Thursday at city hall.  Work Group Chair, Council member Shevawn Akers  says many restaurants and mobile food operators still disagree about placement on public streets.

Credit Creative Commons

“The restaurants prefer to have a designated area for food trucks.  They suggested it could be point of branding for the city and people would know where to find the food trucks and that kind of thing.  Sounds like a good idea.  The food trucks do not think it’s a good idea,” said Akers.

Akers says there appears to be general agreement by food truck operators and restaurant representatives on permitting procedures. 

“The issue comes down to where can they be on public property.  Is it the role of the government to facilitate private business on public property?  Is it the role of government to protect private businesses through the use of public property?  That’s the big question,” added Akers.

Akers hopes a final report can be put before the work group a week from now.   Recommendations could go before the full urban county council February 19th.