Tue July 1, 2014
Focus on Business

Focus on Business: Robert Wagoner on Lexington's Urban Core and its Unrealized Potential

Lexington’s downtown has come a long, long way in recent years; restaurants, music venues, the farmers market and Thursday night live. But, we still hear people say they avoid downtown, and it usually has to do with uncertainty about parking. That’s the focus of Tom Martin’s conversation with Robert Wagoner, a retired commercial real estate and development professional whose projects include the Tates Creek, Palomar and Lexington Green shopping centers.

In part two of Tom Martin's conversation with Robert Wagoner, they discuss the proposal to concentrate easily-accessed, well-lighted parking decks along Church Street in Lexington.

In Part One of his conversation with Tom Martin, Robert Wagoner discusses his interest in Lexington’s urban core and its unrealized potential.

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