Flu on the Rise Across Kentucky

Jan 30, 2012

The flu is on the move across Kentucky.  The traditional peak season for influenza in the Commonwealth falls between January and March.  State epidemiologist Craig Humbaugh says the spread of flu has increased in recent weeks.  “We had for a long time been reporting what we call sporadic activity which is just an occasional case and then for a few weeks we were reporting localized activity which one level above that now we’re reporting regional activity….we’re one level away from what we call widespread activity,” said Humbaugh.

Humbaugh says the influenza now affects entire communities.  Still, he says, it could be worse….it could be widespread…

“In most years we do reach widespread activity and some years we reach widespread activity for a matter of weeks…and sometimes we actually have two peaks to our season..one that comes a little earlier than the other,” added Humbaugh.

Thus far, Humbaugh says no cases of H1-N1 flu have been reported in Kentucky.  He adds it’s not too late to get a flu shot which will provide some protection this winter and spring.