Flu Cases On the Rise in Lexington

Feb 14, 2012

A spokesman with the Fayette County Health Department says the flu season so far, has been mild. Kevin Hall says there are fewer confirmed cases to report than at this same time last year. "The flu is down. Last year at this time we had 160 cases. The average age then was about twenty-five. We're looking at about 18 right now, so you can see that it is trending younger."

Still Hall says flu activity is the highest it has been this season.

"Fayette County has 78 confirmed cases of the flu. That is up from 60 last week, so it's a pretty significant jump. It doesn't mean that there was suddenly an outbreak or anything. A lot of times doctors' offices wait until the end of the week to send those in for confirmation so they'll come in one bunch."

Hall says the health department has ample supplies of the flu vaccine and he encourages those who haven't gotten a flu shot yet to do so.