First Flu Shots Offered

Sep 4, 2012

As Kentuckians prepare to enter the fall season, there are a number of medical matters to contemplate.   Whooping Cough and West Nile Virus cases have gotten a great deal of attention in Kentucky and many other states.  Now, a third disease, influenza is being put on Kentuckians radar screen.    Lois Davis is the Public Health Nursing Manager in Fayette County.  “We have had a few confirmed cases already in eastern Kentucky.  That may or may not indicate that it could be an earlier than usual flu season.  It may peak earlier.  You never know that.  It could just be a few random cases,” said Davis.

Davis says more than five thousand flu shots were administered by the health department last year.  She says the health department could see fewer people this year and that may not be a bad thing.

“Probably a smaller amount because it’s offered in so many places in the community.  You know, most pharmacies have it.  Pharmacies inside the grocery stores and that’s more convenient for people to get to many times,” added Davis.

The seasonal flu shot, which also provide protection against H-1-N-1, is recommended for everyone six months and older.  The health department will be offering flu shots each Tuesday from three o-clock until five p.m.