First Fireworks Law in Lexington Moving Forward

Oct 19, 2011

A strict fireworks ordinance will go before Lexington city council.  The proposal easily cleared the council’s public safety committee Tuesday.  The ordinance is in response to a new state law which legalized many flying fireworks and powerful pyrotechnics.  Council member Kevin Stinnett says this proposal provides more protection to the general public.

“This new law will regulate the sale of fireworks…limits to three weeks during the holiday season…it limits the who you can sell them to…you can’t sell them to anyone under age 18 and they can’t possess them.  It limits the use during a burn ban,” said Stinnett.

Some council members said many citizens asked for an all-out ban on flying fireworks and powerful pyrotechnics.  Council member Jay McCord says that’s not feasible.

“It’s not that simple.  It’s not as simple as people who call us want it to be….well just don’t let them sell it.” Added McChord.

McCord says the fireworks could come into Fayette County from other counties.  The Kentucky legislature last year legalized a wider variety of fireworks, but also allowed local governments to enact stricter fireworks laws.